You, Only Awesomer!

The Power of Self-Love


Part of being awesomer is learning to love yourself. If you believe you are worthy of love, then others will feed off that belief and believe it too.

The problem is that loving yourself is harder than it sounds. Just when it seems as though we are feeling wonderful and full of love for ourselves, something happens to make us question this love.

Why does this happen? Well, the truth is it’s the law of polarity at work. I could tell you what the law of polarity is, but I don’t think that would help. Also, I would have to charge you.

Instead, I will share with you some valuable tips for sparking those feelings of self-love, which in turn will increase your potential for awesomeness.

The following are just a few of the ways you can build a loving and nurturing relationship with yourself:


-Motivate yourself with daily affirmations.

-Buy yourself flowers for no reason.

-Cover your room with little notes taped everywhere saying “I love you, love, me (aka. you).”

-Wear your favorite cologne or perfume one day, just to remind yourself of you.

-Make up a pet name for yourself.

-Take yourself out on a date,  just the one of you.

-Whisper sweet nothings into a tape recorder. Put the recorder to your ear. Now play it.

-Constantly remind yourself how much you love and miss you.

-Write sexy emails to yourself. Sign them “BURT” (Be Undressed and Ready Tonight!)

-Surprise yourself by answering the door wearing nothing but a smile.

-Make little finger foods and feed them to yourself one by one.

-Have a fondue. Use chocolate sauce, strawberries and whipped cream. Once you’ve finished eating, cover your body with the leftovers.

-Take a hot bath with yourself. After, rub yourself down with lotion.

Remember, loving ourselves isn’t a one time event. It’s an ongoing process.


Have you ever worn nothing but a smile? If so, I’d love to hear about it.


In Awesomeness,


You Had Me Before “Hello”



What is a soulmate?

According to the definition, Soulmate is the fifth album by Canadian R&B/soul band jacksoul, released in 2009.

But did you know there’s also another kind of soulmate?

To put it simply, your soulmate is a soul that your soul has mated with in a past life.

Believe it or not, some people spend their whole lives trying to “find” their soulmate. Sad, isn’t it?

If you’ve ever been on a diet, I’m sure you understand. You don’t start a diet with the intention of finding pounds. You want  to lose them.

It’s the same thing with soulmates, only without the losing part.

How do you find your soulmate without really “finding” them?  Easy. Just think about the qualities that are important to you in a partner, and write them  down.

By making a list of what you want in a soulmate, you are allowing the universe to read this list, and bring you your ideal mate.

The following is my list of what I’m looking for in a soul mate.

-Works long hours
-Toned and muscular
-21-29 years of age
-Doesn’t enjoy home-cooked meals
-Loves to do laundry
-Nice car
-Not pervy
-Doesn’t mind being designated driver
-Likes to travel (alone)
-Doesn’t like having sex all the time
-Laughs at my jokes
-Really good-looking
-Hates talking about himself
-Likes talking about me
-Not a cheeseball
-Loves to listen
-Really good-looking (again)

Now that I have my list, all I have to do is sit and wait for the universe to bring him to me.


Have you made your list? If so, I’d love to read it.

In awesomeness,


Positive Thinking, Only Awesomer



Let’s face it: At one time or another, we’ve all had negative thoughts.

The trick to removing these cerebral downers from your mind is to transform them into positive affirmations.

The following table illustrates how easy it is to turn mental misfortunes into feelings of pure awesomeness:




Remember, by focusing on the positive, you will attract a whole new level awesomeness into your life.

And isn’t that what this blog is all about?


Have you ever been kidnapped? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

In awesomeness,


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